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19th June 2018 

If you have not had counselling or psychotherapy sessions before you may not be too sure what to expect. Personal therapy provides a place for you to express your thoughts, feelings and actions, be listened to seriously and not judged. It enables you to explore your difficulties and reach a resolution of them.

As an integrative practitioner I ensure that we approach the session in a way that is the most useful for you to work with at that time. I believe that a therapeutic approach has to be suitable for the difficulties a person is presenting with and also for them as an individual. Therefore when providing psychotherapy or counselling I integrate a range of approaches that are appropriate for both the problem and for the person themself. Clients will often say an outcome of their therapy is that they feel different, they function differently and that their experience of living feels different.

The sessions are usually weekly to start with. On the first session I take some background information from you, discuss what you hope to achieve from therapy and we then agree a way forward. In subsequent sessions you decide what you want to talk about or work with to resolve.

Talking about yourself and issues you have may not feel easy. You may feel very emotional, or you may feel puzzled and unsure of what is happening, particularly in the first few sessions. This is normal and a part of the process. Whatever you bring will be heard and explored. My role will be to help you make sense of what you bring so that you can reach a meaningful outcome and move forward.